NEJM Catalyst: How Payer-Provider Partnerships Can Accelerate Adoption of Evidence-Based Care

Nonprofit, community health plans can influence clinician behavior to ensure that patients are receiving the best evidence-based care medical research has to offer. Writing for New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst, the Alliance of Community Health Plan’s Ceci Connolly and Connie Hwang lay out how ACHP’s research reveals replicable and scalable strategies that any committed health plan can employ to partner effectively with physicians to accelerate evidence to the point of care. The column explores five key practices health plans can implement, including:

  • Build consensus and commitment to change
  • Create a team that includes the necessary skill sets, perspectives, and staff roles
  • Customize education, tools, and access to specialized knowledge for physicians and for patients
  • Share timely and accurate data and feedback in a culture of transparency, accountability, and healthy competition
  • Align financial investments with clinical and patient experience goals

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